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Why Rainbow Ecosystem?

Rainbow Ecosystem is a manufacturer of Eco Blocks for the construction of energy-efficient buildings.

Eco Block are loadbearing biosourced blocks made of a wooden frame filled with highly compressed straw,

covered on both sides with a clay plaster layer.Our dealers can perform the construction

of an energy efficient home on a “turn-key” basis: together with our partners, we can offer a number of solutions

for the construction of the foundations, external and internal finishing, the installation of a green roof,

installation of a highly efficient heating system,installation of energy-efficient windows.

Our architectural bureau adapts your conceptual design to fit the Rainbow Ecosystem technology.

If you have several ideas for your project,we will guide you through and advice you to select

the project that best meets your requirements.

The advantages of straw houses by  Rainbow Ecosystem

Eco blocks by Rainbow Ecosystem
have all necessary certificates on fire safety,
strength and sanitary norms.


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