Energy-efficient houses from environmentally friendly and durable building materials

A small group of like-minded people who gathered all knowledge in eco-technologies and initiated the development of large-scale production laid the idea of the project in 2013.

Initially, for development, a small warehouse was leased with an office where research and development of an eco product was carried out, which could be easily accessible throughout the planet, environmentally friendly, of natural origin, and of low cost. The decision on the construction of cellulose and its analogues laid the basic tasks for developing a test version of the mechanisms intended for the production of small blocks and panels, from which the building will subsequently be erected.

For five years of the company's existence, the technology of product manufacturing, technological process and a full range of production equipment has been developed. Over the past year, several projects have been implemented and several facilities have been built, mostly individual houses in Ukraine and France.


The company has full-time and freelancers, including production, architectural, technical, administrative and financial departments. The company's representative offices are located all over the world: America, Italy, France, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania etc.


Rainbow Ecosystem offers ready-made projects of eco-houses, special projects based on individual parameters, for individual customers. The whole process, starting from project drawings, up to moving to a new house, takes 90 days.


Over the last year, our team has developed more than 50 eco-projects for individual and mass construction.

Why Rainbow Ecosystem?

Rainbow Ecosystem is an international manufacturer of prefabricated energy saving eco houses, construction equipment and heating systems.

The Rainbow Ecosystem Ekoblocks have a high level of thermal insulation due to low thermal conductivity of cellulose insulation.

The buildings built according to our technology are energy efficient and environmentally friendly due to the use of exclusively natural and VAC-free materials.

Our mission

Our mission is to create, design, build and offer useful "products" such as energy-saving eco-houses, technological equipment for "green" construction.

Among our values are: respect towards nature, people and ourselves. We tend to listen, watch, introduce innovations, reuse resources, do more with less, seek opportunities in difficult conditions, be flexible, follow our hearts, think that other worlds are possible. To fill the gap between "scientific and technical" progress and the nonexistent "ethical" progress. Follow a radically different strategy of growth and development. To become "citizens of the world."

Our uniqueness is in creating of a worthy alternative to traditional construction: economical, integrated into the ecosystem, understandable, smart, simple, convenient, sustainable ... more affordable and quality than that of the country's market.

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How do we work

Selection of a project or development of an individual project. We help to determine the Your house layout, taking into account Your wishes; We also make a preliminary calculation of the house cost.

Production of eco panels takes 30 days, installation of panels - 10 days, turnkey finishing - 50-100 days. We do works according to the contract. You can regulate the speed of construction yourself. It depends on your financial capabilities.

Completion of construction works. We sign protocols of the executed works, deliver the guarantee certificate, along with keys from Your house.

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