Solutions innovantes pour l'éco construction

The construction of houses by frame technology is currently one of the most developing types of construction. After all, about 70% of houses and cottages in Europe are built precisely on this technology. The main reasons for the great popularity of frame technology are high reliability and durability of houses that is why this kind of construction is so popular. And, although it seems that this technology appeared only recently, the first frame houses were built in the 19th century, but over these centuries they not only did not come to oblivion, but, having modernized themselves, they are gaining popularity at an accelerated pace.

Houses built on frame technology allows implementing interesting and audacious projects; they are also deprived of the main lack of buildings built on other technologies. Since the weight of frame houses is incommensurably smaller than others, they are not subject to shrinkage. Due to the constant rise in price of energy carriers, the fact that these houses are very economical plays a huge role in the choice of frame technology.

Such construction principle allows to save a lot of heating due to the excellent thermal insulation of walls, floors and roofing, which by definition is present in frame houses. A big plus is the ecological compatibility of the houses built, as well as the design of the structures.

Depending on the technology of construction, erecting a house using frame technology can take from a month to four.

According to frame technology, bio sourced houses are also built. In the mounted frame the cellulose as an insulator is used. After goes the clay plastering - environmentally friendly, natural material. If you take bio sourced panels not plastered you will do plastering on site. In this case, you will have to wait until the clay plaster dries.

There is a simpler and quicker way of building thatch houses.


Rainbow Ecosystem solution are prefabricated Ekoblocks, of which the house is assembled as a Lego constructor. To assemble a house with area 100 sqm takes up to 3-5 days with the small team of 3 builders.

The technology of frame construction does not stand still. Use more advanced technology to build your ecohouse quickly, efficiently and reliably.