Prefab 100%  biosourced blocks of panels for construction

Local mass production of high standard quality passive buildings

We develop and implement equipment for eco-friendly technologies

Why do clients choose us?

Implementation of eco solutions in construction is easier and cheaper than you think. Our engineers will be happy to discuss and assist you with your passive house project.

Years of experience

We have been inproving our technology and the quality of our product for 5 years. We created world-wide functioning solution for mass construction.

Specialists All around the world

Rainbow Ecosystem network employs specialists from all over the world, including professional builders, engineers and architects.


Rainbow Ecosystem’s architectural department has carried out more than 200 individual projects, taking into account all customers’ wishes.

Our projects

Our history

We work worldwide since 2013

Our history-1024x570

Our first panels and prototype of the GMP production line is created. Cooperation on products development with French specialists. The first company's office is built from our own eco panels.


Creation of the second version of the GMP 3.0 production line. Construction of two eco-houses from Rainbow Ecosystem panels.


Development of the construction of Rainbow Ecosystem eco-houses in Ukraine. Opening of branch offices in France and Poland.

Rainbow Ecosystem started its activity 5 years ago in Ukraine – country rich for biosourced materials and professionals in engineering. During this time many tests have been done, all necessary certificates proofing the quality received. Today we offer You a “ready to implement” solution - construction of a house from eco-blocks, which can be fully done in 3-7 days.

What exactly are Ekoblocks?

Ecoblock is a wooden frame filled with highly compressed cellulose, covered on both sides with clay plastering.


Our values: listen, observe, grow up, innovate, reuse, recycle, reduce, resist, don’t accept unacceptable, do more with less, respect ecosystems + the others + ourselves. 

Find opportunities in adversity. Be flexible, target simplicity, integrate excluded and follow our hearts. Think other worlds are possible.

– Raphael Petit, founding president of Rainbow Ecosystem

12 advantages of building from Rainbow Ecosystem Ekoblocks

1. 100% ecological, healthy microclimate

Our panels for walls, floors, ceilings and roof are made of natural materials only. No harmful fumes, mold or dust. The walls of such house have high vapor permeability, and provide constant natural humidity level of 60%. Eco houses are “easy-breathe”, which improves health and well-being.


2. Maximum thermal insulation, minimum costs for heating and air conditioning.

Warm in winter and cool in summer. Energy consumption of our houses is up to 15 kWh / m2 per year, which is 8 times less than that of the houses built from traditional building materials.

3. Reliability and durability

A double wooden frame with a high safety factor, a wall panel with a width of 1.2 m, a thickness of 0.45 m and a height of 3.0 m withstands a load of 27 tons, which allows construction of buildings up to 3 floors. The panels are covered with moisture resistant clay-lime plaster of 4 cm. Additional protection is also possible with a ventilated facade. Many houses that were built according to this technology in Europe and the US about 100 years ago are still “livable”.


4. The highest fire resistance level among the frame-panel houses

Ekoblocks by Rainbow Ecosystem are protected with clay-lime plaster on both sides. They are able to resist open fire 800-1000 ° C for 1 hour. Their fire resistance rate is REI 60.

5. Protection against rodents

The cellulose is highly compressed inside our panels that the rodents are unable to penetrate into it. This fact has been confirmed by laboratory tests and our operational experience.
There are also additional protection methods, like in other types of houses. One of them is installation of metal mesh at the bottom of the wall.


6. Excellent sound insulation

The sound insulation of the straw wall, 40 cm thick, is equal to 56 dB, which is equivalent to a soundproofing of a brick wall of 2.5 m. Due to the dense structure of the walls, any external noise will not disturb You.

7. Earthquake resistance

Seismic stability of our panels is equal to 9 points on the Richter scale, just like in houses in Japan. Laboratory tests have proven this.


8. Worldwide popularity

In 2017 in France, more than 1500 frame buildings were built with the use of straw as an insulation material. In the US, more than 100,000 of similar houses have already been built. 

9. Autonomous energy

There is no need in gas connection in our Rainbow Ecosystem houses. Solar panels, heat collectors, recuperators, furnaces and solid fuel boilers are especially justified in warm energy efficient homes from our straw panels.


10. Universality, adaptability to any conditions

Rainbow Ecosystem lightweight prefabricated structures can be built on any ground (foundation), at any time of the year. The construction is fast and easy.

11. Construction time: 3-5 months

Development of drawings of a set of panels takes up to 15 days. An average production of a set of panels lasts 30 days, installation takes up to 10 days, internal and external turnkey finishing -  50 - 90 days, depending on complexity. The whole process takes up to 3-5 months.


12. Production by a certified manufacturer, quality assurance

We work according to the technologies patented in the EU. Our production is certified in Ukraine. Our product has all certificates of fire safety, strength, thermal conductivity and sanitary standards. Installation of panels is carried out by professional building brigades.

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