Solutions innovantes pour l'éco construction

Green grass has been growing on the roofs of houses in Norway for a few centuries. Green roofs now appear in Germany, United States, Spain, Canada and become more and more popular. A "Green roof" means full covering of roof with living plants.

Special technologies for green roofs have been developed and applied not only in the construction of private houses, but also in the construction of multi-storey buildings built in big cities. In the United States, there are successfully operating corporations involved in the construction of green roofs. In Germany, green roofs are necessarily laid when designing multi-storey houses.

Green roofs may be intense - if they are being turned into a garden (not only flowers, grass and moss, but also trees are being grown) or extensive (thin layer of soil with low vegetation).

The appearance of green roofs in large cities has a beneficial effect on the environment. Plants clean the air of dust and harmful impurities and absorb carbon dioxide. Moreover, the houses with green roofs look beautiful and original.

Green roofs protect houses in summer from overheating and ultraviolet, and in winter - from winds and cold weather. During rains and melting snow, the water passing through the drainage system is cleaned and partially retained for watering the plants. Thus, the amount of water falling to the ground from the roofs of such houses is sharply reduced.

Green roofs also absorb noise, creating a more peaceful environment for their beneficiaries.

People also often install swimming pools on the green roofs of multi-storey houses, thus creating corners for comfortable rest. What is more, green roofs allow to increase the area of work to landscape designers.