Solutions innovantes pour l'éco construction

For those who need a small country house, the projects of single-storey houses are ideal. The maintenance costs for supporting such a structure are significantly lower, since it is possible to warm such a house even with firewood, without much difficulty, just using one or two stoves or fireplaces. Also, if you want a large house, a single-story structure does not give a huge load on the foundation, which greatly improves its durability. So, development of a single-storey house guarantees a good economy in the future, at the construction stage. In this house there are no staircases, which is important for families with small children.

A project company will help you with the choice of the project of your future house, based on one or two existing projects. But if you are not satisfied with any of the proposed projects, you can always order an individual house project, taking into account all your requirements and preferences.

Rainbow Ecosystem architects can create for you a one-story house project of any complexity - with veranda, attic or garage.

The project that you choose, or which has been developed specifically for you, should take into account the soils geology of your site. In case this analysis has not been done, and you start to build a house, the probability of getting a crack in the wall or foundation is very high.

By ordering an individual project of a one-story house with us, you can always make your fantasies come true. An individual project will help you turn your dreams into reality, taking into account the smallest details. So it's up to you to decide what project type is better for you: individual or typical.

You can find a catalog with an approximate view of future buildings on our website. Having decided about how your new house will look like, you need to contact our manager and communicate him your wishes and possible amendments. With this approach, your new house will be more comfortable and correspond to your expectations.