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Artem, Zaporozhye city

I am really satisfied with the work of the company. I have been interested in the theme of energy-saving houses for a long time. I wanted to build a big house with minimal expenses for its maintenance. The guys from Rainbow Ecosystem described to me their product and its quality in details. I received a house layout according to all my wishes, along with calculations of the costs of such house. After visiting the production (I was surprised to discover they do not try to keep the production process secret), I realized that this is exactly what I was looking for. I am grateful to the guys for the good work.

Jurij, AtlandBud SP Z OO, Krakow city

I have been working in a construction company in Poland for 2 years. We mainly build from SIP panels in the Canadian technology. We buy some materials in Ukraine. Three months ago, we learned about Rainbow Ecosystem, contacted Sergey - their representative, and decided that we would work together. Now we also build houses from their eco-blocks. I think that their eco-blocks are a unique building material, because it has a high level of heat preservation, besides, the consumption of electricity in a house made of such blocks, which is 15 kWT / m2 per 1 rock ... most of Ukrainians today can only dream of such a house ... I should add that the production of Rainbow Ecosystem blocks in Ukraine, with the cost of transportation to Poland, is cheaper than building a similar energy-saving house in Poland.

We strongly recommend Rainbow Ecosystem for cooperation to other building companies.

Sergey, city of Kiev

I have accidentally discovered Rainbow Ecosystem by watching their video in Youtube. To be honest, I was surprised that the traditional Ukrainian building technology, proven for centuries, is still being actively used, while everything looks stylish, modern and even energy-efficient!
This sounded interesting to me, and, after having a conversation with my family, I ordered a project of a house of 120 squares. The Rainbow Ecosystem architects worked out and calculated the whole project in a few days.
Speaking about  the price, it turned to be even a little cheaper than a building from gas concrete. What is more, the heater would not be necessary.
Finally, we have decided to build this and our next houses with this company.

Alexey, city of Odessa

 I have long dreamed about building my own house. So, I decided to search the Internet for the information on technologies and companies that provide construction services. I found Rainbow Ecosystem, learned that they were engaged in eco-construction and wrote to them in chat, requesting a detailed information. Initially I thought that all this was somehow  “not serious”…  straw, clay… but while talking with their manager, I received full information about their technology. I was offered a few house projects, and received calculation of prices for the one I liked. The quality of service was good, as I have been quickly provided the necessary information. Now I’m choosing the best building option for my house, and I will also consider the Rainbow Ecosystem technology.

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